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Seasonal Activities & Events

Blossoming Orchards Viewing

We are predicting around mid-May for the peak of tart cherry blossom viewing here in Fish Creek and a week later for the apple blossoms. The blossoms will start to open sooner the further south you head down the Door County peninsula and a bit later north of us. Typically they last about 1-2 weeks on the trees unless there is hard rain, strong winds, etc.

Due to the nature of the growing season...these blossom, picking dates and supply may vary from year to year.

Pick Your Own Memories - Seasonal Fruit Picking

Tart Cherry Picking:  Mid July-early August
*Note: Pails are provided for picking. $5-mini pail/$15-10lb pail. Ice available for purchase. Tart cherries are the only variety available for picking.
Sweet cherries are available for purchase in market.

Apple Picking: Mid September-early October
Apple varieties available (depending on ripeness) including, but not limited to: Honeycrisp, Macintosh, Cortland, Macoun, Gala, and Jonagold. Cost $20.00 / Peck (10 lb) - bags provided. Additional apple varieties & quantities are available to purchase in our market.

Cherry Pit Spit
Free cherries are available for pitting and spitting. See if you can break our festival records of 48' 1" - mens and 44' 3" - womens and 32' under 18.

Winter Sleigh Rides
Owner John @Mayberry Carriages/Sleigh  is offering sleigh rides-snow permitting. Please call John at 920-421-1152 for more info or to make a reservation.